Psychometric testing can objectively assess "hidden" traits. It measures more than just self-perception, it measures actual behaviour, because what people actually do is more important than what they say, or think, they do. Whereas, testing is process to determine the level & strength of a value or skill for decision making for selection, corrective measures or training & development.
  • Validity and Reliability
  • Uses of PATS
  • Benefits of Testing
  • Dimensions
  • Why use ASK's "PATS"
  • Services

Psychometric Assessment and Testing Service (PATS)

According to Gallup, "82% of the wrong people are hired, 2 in 10 managers are unqualified, 360 degree's don't work at times, employee disengagement is 71%, and people attend seminars and hire consultants with no improvement."
This study has posed serious questions to business & HR professionals. Do they need to revisit their HRM practices? Another question is, do we need to adopt more advanced tools to select, hire and train employee? These questions have forced professionals to think and adopt tools to make hiring, promotions and training employees more reliable.
A recent CEB report on "Global Assessment Trends" prepared by experts & lead by Dr. Sarah S. has outlined;
Personality assessment is being practiced increasingly by 84% organizations
75% has expressed desire to improve the way they measure the talent.
ASK Development has launched "Psychometric Assessment and Testing Service" to enable individuals and organizations to stand high on organizational growth, productivity and human resource development.

Validity and Reliability

We comprehensively weigh reliability through internal consistency, inter-rater reliability and test-retest reliability with due consideration to indigenous peculiarities. Similarly the validity of testing is upheld through content validity , construct validity , and criterion validity.

Where lays theoretical foundations of our Tests?

  • Herzberg motivational theory
  • Carl Jung Psychoanalytical Theory
  • Shavelson and Bolus Self-Concept Theory

Uses of Assessment and Testing Service

  • Recruitment and selection
  • Promotions in an organization
  • Training and development
  • Professional profiling and learning plans
  • Admission tests in educational institutes

Who can benefit from testing?

  • Students for career choice
  • Individuals for professional development>
  • Organizations for right selection for a job or training

Benefits of Testing

  • Free of human biases and favorites
  • Assessment on pre-defined competencies
  • Provides best fit to individual and organization
  • Saves time and money with early identification of the best candidates
  • Scientific insight into individuals' skills, strengths and learning
  • Reduce staff turnover in organization and Individual gains sustainability on job

Psychometric Measurement Dimensions

  • Competencies
  • Job Temperament
  • Motivations
  • Intrinsic Nature
  • Intellectual Abilities
  • Career Preferences
  • Learning needs
  • Job fit
  • Aptitude and behaviour

Why use ASK's "PATS"

  • ISO certified for quality assurance
  • Subject matter Ph.D. experts reviews
  • Presence all over Pakistan with qualified team of HRM & Training professional
  • Team of more than 3000 employees having experience in corporate, development and public sectors
  • Indigenous research on Tests and psychometrics tools
  • Desk Research Endorsement
  • Copy rights for various Clinical, Personality, Aptitude, Projective and other assessment tests.
  • Award winner: All World Network as among 100 Fast Growing Company of Pakistan on position #33
  • Associated with PSP Metrics, USA. It works for Fortune 500 companies
  • Over 1,000 client companies worldwide
  • More than 350,000 people have been assessed
  • Over1.5 million individual tests administrated
  • Worked in 23 countries across Europe, Africa, Asia and Pacific Rim

Test Formats

  • Online using computer
  • Paper pencil (manual)

Classification of Assessment Reports

  • Individual level
  • Group level